The Bergner Chiro Approach

Our approach doesn't just get you out of pain temporarily, it keeps you out of pain long-term.

Phase 1: Activate

During this phase we will focus on increasing your range of motion and motor control, which will lead to a decrease in overall pain!

Phase 2: Stabilize

We've gotten you out of the fire, now we need to make you more fire-resistant. In this phase we cement the mobility gains, get you stronger, and help you keep the pain at 0 for the long-term!

Phase 3: Integrate

This is where the magic happens. What specific goals do you have? Want to be able to run further? Lift heavier? Throw harder? We tailor a performance plan specific to you in this phase so that you can be at your best!

What makes Bergner Chiropractic different from your typical chiropractor?

Watch this video to find out why Bergner Chiropractic is different from your average chiropractor.

Is Pain Keeping You From Enjoying Everyday Activities?

Bergner Chiropractic combines chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique (ART), dry needling, cupping, and functional rehabilitation to take care of your pain from all sides.

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At Bergner Chiropractic, we offer comprehensive solutions to your persistent pain and injuries.

Using a mix of chiropractic adjustment, active release techniques, dry needling, cupping, and functional rehabilitation, we ensure you're not just treated, but healed. With us, you get consistent results because your well-being is our top priority.

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Pain And Injuries Are Not An End To Your Active Lifestyle

Yes, injuries happen. An active lifestyle can lead us to feeling aches and pains.

But should these pain and injuries keep you from doing the things you love? Absolutely not. You deserve to live unhindered, free to move and engage in activities that give you joy.

Dr. Bergner is going to get you moving again so you can feel great doing what you love.

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"I would have intense nerve I don't!

Before treatment, I would have intense nerve pain in my leg after standing on it all day. Thanks to Dr. Bergner, I can now work on my feet all day pain-free!"

- Gregory W.

"I highly recommend visiting Dr. Bergner!...

Dr. Bergner was very thorough and caring and took the time to listen and understand what I was saying about my back pain. After prescribing a treatment regimen to help me, my back pain was eliminated and he even helped me with some other issues that popped up along the way. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Bergner!"

- Robyn C.

"Working with Dr. Luke redeemed my experience of Chiropractic care.."

"Working with Dr. Luke redeemed my experience of Chiropractic care. He listened intently to my hesitations about working with a chiropractor and adjusted his methods according to my needs. He was honest with his approach, which helped me build trust with the process. After a few weeks of consistent care, my body felt better and moved better. I highly recommend him for the skeptics and the hesitant!"

- Sarah I.

We Take You From Struggling With Pain To Feeling Your Best

This is our simple process:
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Request An Appointment

Phone or email the office and we will book a time that works for you.
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Get A Custom Treatment Plan

Receive chiropractic care and exercises that have a real impact.
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Start Seeing Results

You’ll feel better doing the things you love again.

Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity To Take Back Control Of Your Health!

With Bergner Chiropractic, you'll reclaim your active life, free from pain and physical limitations - stronger, healthier, and more vibrant than ever!
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