Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions That Our Team Has Taken The Time To Answer For You

What Are The Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

Our chiropractic care will be of benefit whether your daily physical activity is walking the dog, riding your bike to school, taking a yoga class, hiking a trail, training for a marathon, or maybe you haven’t found a daily physical activity yet. Some of the benefits of chiropractic care include:

  • Increased joint range of motion
  • Reduction of pain
  • Relaxation of spine and muscles 
  • Relief of nerve related symptoms
  • Proper movement patterns
  • Stimulation of the nervous system

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes, we offer a FREE, no-obligation phone consultation with Dr. Bergner to determine if Bergner Chiropractic is the right place for you.

The FREE phone consultation is designed for those who are unsure as to whether they should make an appointment, as well as for those who would simply like to ask questions about their condition before making an appointment.

This in-depth consultation usually lasts 5-10 minutes and requires an appointment time for Dr. Bergner to call you. If you prefer, you can always ask a question via e-mail at Dr. Bergner and his team will usually respond in less than 24 hours. 

Do you accept insurance?

Why we have chosen to be an out-of-network provider

Bergner Chiropractic is a self-pay office for non-medicare patients, meaning we do not directly submit to insurance. Doing so allows us to structure our treatment plans to what is best for YOU and your unique condition, without having to submit to the inconsistencies and limitations that different insurance plans/coverages dictate for care. We chose this model because we want to be able to make decisions that are in the best interest of our patients, not insurance. With our flat-fee model, our cash rates are comparable, and sometimes even cheaper than insurance rates, and you will never be surprised by a random fee on your bill.

If you would still like to use your insurance, we can provide you with a superbill which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. This is essentialy a receipt for your insurance provider that breaks out the reimbursable codes that you were charged for. Patients often find that they get reimbursed quickly through this method. 

We also accept HSA/FSA cards!

We chose this route because in-network providers are incentivized to do quick visits and long care plans for their patients. We do things differentlySince we are out-of network, we are able to spend more time with our patients and get to the root cause of the problem, while providing you with the tools and knowledge necessary to stay out of pain long-term. Many of our patients see total resolution of their symptoms within 6-12 visits, saving them months of time and money spent on longer, insurance-driven care plans. 


*Note, we DO accept Medicare Part B coverage. So if you are enrolled in Medicare Part B, we can accept your insurance. 

What to expect

Patients should plan to spend 20 minutes with Dr. Bergner for a daily visit that will encompass chiropractic adjustments, pre- and post-therapies, and rehabilitative exercises. 

New patient examations will be longer and patients should expect to spend 1 hour with Dr. Bergner as he performs a thorough examination, history, and movement assessment. If time allows and Dr. Bergner determines it is safe, a relief treatment may be performed on your first visit. 

What To Wear When Coming to the Chiropractor

Be sure to wear comfortable and loose clothing that will not interfere or get in the way of the treatment you are booked for. And yes, you do get to keep your clothes on.

How long will I have to come in for treatment?

Treatment plans vary based on a variety of factors including age, health history, and how long your symptoms have been present. 

We generally start out with a 3-4 week treatment plan to see how your body responds and then we re-assess from there to see where we need to cement the positive results or if we need to call an audible. 

Our approach follows 3 phases of care:

Phase 1 – Pain Relief

In this phase of care, we will get your pain under control and set you on a course to complete, long-term recovery 

  • Goals of this phase:
    • Reduce pain
    • Control inflammation
    • Increase mobility

Phase 2 – Correction

We know you want to get out of pain. But, why? What is it that you want to get back to doing that you couldn’t before? This is the phase where we begin to unlock this!

  • Goals of this phase:
    • Restoration of activities of daily living
    • Improve stability and strength
    • Increase injury resistance 

Phase 3 – Resolution and Optimal Performance

Professional athletes have consistent healthcare year-round to improve their health and daily performance, why shouldn’t you?

  • Goals of this phase:
    • Maintain injury resistance
    • Exceed performance goals
    • Optimal performance with physical activity


How Do I Prepare For A Chiropractor Visit?

Before the appointment

  • Eat a light meal or snack that’s high in protein
  • Drink plenty of water and make sure you’re well hydrated
  • Take a short walk or engage in activities that get you up and moving
  • Take note of pain or discomfort so you can relay them appropriately to a chiropractor

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